Sapphire Travel Management Ltd ("Sapphire Travel Management") – Terms of Supply and Appointment

These terms set out the terms on which it has been agreed between you, the client ("you" or "client"), agree to instruct and appoint Sapphire as a provider of chauffeur and/or ground transport services. These terms apply to the supply of any services (and, where applicable, goods) by Sapphire, to the exclusion of any terms of purchase. The acceptance of any order for services (or goods) by Sapphire, and the provision of any supply of services (or goods) is conditional upon these terms being applicable to the contract to the exclusion of any and all terms of purchase. By placing an order with Sapphire the client accepts and agrees to these terms. By accepting the supply of services (or goods) by Sapphire, the client accepts these terms.

1) Sapphire is appointed by the client as the supplier of chauffeur services and other ground transport services in Scotland, England and Wales and elsewhere upon the terms specified herein (“Appointment”). At all times, Sapphire will perform its services with due care and diligence.

2) Fees payable for specific chauffeur or ground transport reservations will be agreed with the client in advance of any transfer(s) requested during the Appointment. In the absence of such express agreement, fees will be payable on a quantum meruit basis. With the exception of transfers to and from airports and transfers where a fixed charge has been agreed in advance, the quantum meruit charge or agreed mileage rate for the service by Sapphire shall be calculated in accordance with the mileage travelled in the provision of the transfer. All transfers are deemed to start when the vehicle leaves the Sapphire office or other such location as Sapphire shall keep its vehicles from time to time. All transfers end when the vehicle arrives back at the Sapphire office or other such location as above. All quotations and estimates for fees are given subject to acceptance of these terms.

3) Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all charges are payable within 14 days of invoice or the day on which the transfer in question is completed (whichever is the earlier). Unless otherwise stated, all charges are exclusive of VAT (or similar/ equivalent tax(es)).

4) Interest shall accrue and be chargeable on any unpaid sum or sums that have fallen due for payment at the rate of 8% above Royal Bank of Scotland plc base rate, per month on a daily basis.

5) Where a chauffeur service/ vehicle is to be provided for transfers or periods which may last or span 3 hours or more, the Company will endeavour to use the same car and driver in providing the service(s), but retains the unfettered right to vary the car and/or driver used.

6) Sapphire expressly and strictly prohibits any drivers other than Sapphire drivers to drive any vehicle(s) supplied by Sapphire. The client is obliged to provide and maintain (at the cost of the client) full insurance cover for Sapphire chauffeur drivers when such drivers are using the client's vehicle(s) or any vehicle(s) not provided by Sapphire.

7) All Sapphire vehicles are no smoking areas and the client shall ensure that all passengers comply with this condition.

8) Sapphire drivers may travel by such route as they reasonably regard as the most appropriate and convenient for motoring (whether or not that route is the shortest route).

9) Luggage which, in the reasonable opinion of the Sapphire driver(s), amounts to an excessive weight or unmanageable size (having particular regard to safety factors) may not be transported. It is the client's responsibility to make clear at the time of making a transport reservation their precise requirements for the transportation of luggage.

10) Sapphire reserves the right to refuse travel or transport (without notice) to any person which Sapphire or any Sapphire driver reasonably regards to be a nuisance or danger to passengers, employees or others.

11) Any complaint or claim to be put to or made against Sapphire shall be notified in writing to Sapphire within 7 days from whichever is the later of (i) the completion of the service in question; or (ii) the claim/ complaint arising; or (iii) the client (or its agent/ employees) first becoming aware of the circumstance(s) giving claim/ complaint. The parties agree that time is to be of the essence with regard to this condition and failure to comply with this condition shall result in the client losing any and all rights to bring any claim/ complaint. Complaints or claims need to be directed to our customer services team who can be reached at 0345 340 2121 or alternatively at You can also leave feedback about your journey in our Customer Services section.

12) Sapphire's maximum liability for loss of luggage or other goods/ belongings shall be £100 and the parties agree and acknowledge that Sapphire's charges are calculated on this basis and that Sapphire's charges would be greater without this limitation.

13) Whilst Sapphire will make every effort to avoid delays, Sapphire's maximum liability for any delay shall be £100 and the parties agree and acknowledge that Sapphire's charges are calculated on this basis and that they would be greater without this limitation. Time shall not be of the essence with regard to the time of pick up or drop off in the provision of any services by Sapphire.

14) For mini/midi/coach transfers, payment must be made in full at the time of booking. Sapphire requires 14 days notice of cancellation (prior to the intended despatch of the Sapphire driver/vehicle) and in the absence of such notice Sapphire shall be entitled to charge the full cost of the reservation in respect of each such transfer. Sapphire shall be entitled to charge the full cost of the reservation in respect of each and any non-coach transfer which is cancelled on less than 24 hours notice (prior to the intended despatch of the Sapphire driver/vehicle) to Sapphire.

15) The Appointment herein shall be for a fixed minimum term of not less than one month and shall continue thereafter until terminated by the client by no less than 7 days notice to Sapphire. An annual fee for the Appointment will accrue at the rate of £12 per annum or part thereof (pro rata).

16) Sapphire shall not be liable for any failure (in whole or in part) to supply the service(s) which results from any act of God, war, strike, lockout or labour dispute, fire, flood, volcano eruption, storm, drought, change in legislation or other cause beyond Sapphire's control.

17) Please note that your calls maybe recorded, for both monitoring and training purposes

18) These terms shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Scotland. The parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Scotland or of the courts of England and Wales.